What's New at Vaughen's?

Here at Vaughen's, we are committed to adding value to our products.  The following is a list of new and improved products resulting from our continuing commitment to serving our customers' changing needs:

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Recent Changes to Our Products!

Price Guide Enhancements

Completely Updated Pricing with 2019 National Averages

All AC & DC Random and Form-Wound rewind prices are up this year.  Plus, billing rates, new motor prices and markups have been updated.  Our new 2019 Guide contains many updates and changes that make it more profitable than ever!  If you are using prices that are out of date you may be greatly reducing your profits and competitiveness.

New 2019 Pump Repair Price Guide - with 2019 National Averages

Vaughen's 2019 Pump Repair Price Guide has been updated and contains new Condensed Price Lists with 2019 National Average Prices for pump repairs for Submersible, Close Coupled, ANSI Chem. Process, Horizontal Split Case, and Vertical Turbine pumps.  Plus, we have included new Pump Repair Pricing Checklists so you can make sure you are including all of the necessary prices in your pump quotes.  The new information is also available on Vaughens.com where you can customize the Condensed Price Lists for your shop.  We think you will find these new tools make pricing pump repairs quick and easy.

Updated Labor and Material Price List Included With Material Costs Quarterly Fax Update

Our new Labor and Material Price List is based on the latest cost of copper at the end of the quarter, and shows what you need to charge to break-even, and target labor and material prices needed to achieve your profit goals.  All current subscribers receive this important information every quarter.

Updated New Motor Prices

Each year we update new motor prices to better reflect current pricing levels.  These new prices will help you and your customers make better repair versus replace decisions.

New 2019 High-Thrust Bearing Prices

Pricing for Furnish and Install One Upper or High-Thrust Bearing + One Lower or Guide Bearing can now be found in the General Information section of the Book and Vaughens.com.  Use these new prices to quote with confidence.

Updated Information on EASA Accredited Repair Labels and Charges for Testing

In the 2019 Edition we updated information on charges for EASA Accredited Repair Labels and Motor Testing Services.  Review this updated information to see what other shops are charging.

New Pricing for Specialized Machining and Welding Services

This year we have updated the new pricing we added in 2015 for specialized mechanical services - Machine a New Shaft, Weld Up Shaft Extension and Cut New Keyway, and Stub Standard Shaft Extension.  Just the help you need pricing repairs you don't perform on a regular basis.

New Labor Hours for Dynamic Balancing and On-Site Laser Alignment

In 2015 we added labor hours for Balancing Fan Blades, Blower Wheels, or Impellers and labor hours for On-Site Laser Alignment.  We know many shops offer these services and now you can easily estimate how long these repairs will take to complete.

New Shop Labor Hour Poster

The Poster displays hours in very large print for AC random-wound motor rewinds and reconditions with hours broken down by task.  Now you can use Vaughen's Labor Hour Poster along with the Shop Labor Hour Report found on Vaughens.com to start improving productivity in your shop.

New 2019 Metric Motor Price List for our International Subscribers

Our Metric Motor Condensed Price List displays the rewind price by KW and RPM for typical 50 Hertz metric motors from .75 to 370 KW and has been updated with 2019 National Average Prices.  Pricing for our international subscribers just got a lot easier.

Updated DC Permanent Magnet Motor Pricing

Pricing for DC Permanent Magnet Motors has been added to the DC pricing section in the Book and to the Quick Motor Prices tab on Vaughens.com.  Also, additional frames have been added to the DC Extras table on page G1-14 to cover DC Permanent Magnet Motors.  Now you can price these motors easily and quickly.

Updated Elevator Motor and MG Set Pricing

Pricing for common repairs to typical MG Sets are updated each year with new National Average Prices.  Plus, we have added pricing guidelines you can use to price other types of elevator motors - AC Hoist Motors, DC Hoist Motors, AC Submersible Hydraulic Motors, and AC Dry Hydraulic Motors.  Now you can price MG Sets and elevator motors with confidence.

VAUGHENS.COM Enhancements

Completely Updated Pricing with 2019 National Averages

Vaughen's new 2019 National Average Prices are now available on VAUGHENS.COM.  This year all rewind prices are up from last year.  All billing rates, new motor prices and markups have also been updated.  Be sure and log on today to check out our new 2019 National Averages, and then put them to work building profits for your shop!

Pricing up to 10,000 HP for AC motors and 3500 HP for DC motors is available on VAUGHENS.COM.

These prices have been updated to reflect new 2019 National Averages.  Now pricing those larger motors will be easy too.

All Our Customized Condensed Price Lists Are Updated with 2019 Prices

You can create and print out a Customized Condensed Price List for all types of motors using any percentage of Vaughen's 2019 National Average you wish.  When costs change and you need to change your multiplier, simply print out another Customized Condensed Price List for easy reference.  Click on the Quick Motor Prices tab to print out your Customized Condensed Price List.

New 2019 Pump Condensed Price Lists and Repair Checklists for 5 Types of Pumps

On Vaughens.com you can customize our new Condensed Price Lists for 5 types of pumps using your shop's percentage of the 2019 National Average and billing rates.  Plus, we have added pump pricing examples so you can see how easy it is to price pump repairs using Vaughen's Condensed Price Lists and Checklists.  Quoting pump repairs will now be easier than ever.

Just Released - Save Pump Quotes on Vaughens.com!

You now have the ability to save pump quotes on our secure server and edit them anywhere you have access to the Internet.  Our easy to use screens allow you to quickly find and edit pump quotes days, weeks, or even months after the quote was created.  It is now quick and easy to update quotes to reflect the actual work performed.

Also Just Released - Now a Single Quote can Contain Motor Repairs and Pump Repairs!

You also now have the option to easily price the motor portion of a pump repair using Vaughen's National Average Motor Repair Prices.  Pricing pump repairs has never been easier.

Updated 2019 Labor & Material Calculator

The calculator is updated quarterly with current copper cost, scrap price, rates, and markups.  With costs changing constantly, this is a valuable tool you can use to make sure your prices are covering all of your costs.  

Newly Updated - General Information and Labor Hour Standards

You can now access the complete General Information Section from the 2019 printed book on VAUGHENS.COM.  Prices and adders for pricing special motors and so much more can be found under the General Info tab.  Also under the General Info tab you will find Vaughen's Pricing Examples to help you understand how to use Vaughen's pricing.  This information can also be used to train new employees.  Under the Labor Hours tab you will find the average time it takes to rewind motors.  Now you have all your tools on-line to create profitable pricing anywhere, anytime!

Newly updated City and State Average Prices, Rates, and Costs available only on VAUGHENS.COM

Now you can see what your local competition is charging!  For every area where we have five or more survey responses, we will now display Regional, State, and City average rewind prices.  We're also providing hourly wage rates, billing rates and costs where available.  This feature is currently available only on VAUGHENS.COM.

2016 Wage & Benefit Guide - Available on Vaughens.com Only

Vaughen's 2016 Wage & Benefit Guide is available on Vaughens.com only.  Our Wage & Benefit Guide allows you to easily compare your shop's hourly pay rates and benefits offered with other electric motor repair shops so you can keep your key employees.  Plus, use our "True Cost of an Employee" worksheet to detail each employee's total wage and benefit package.

Updated 2019 Price and Rate Comparison on Vaughens.com Only

See how your prices and rates compare to other shops.  A comparison of prices by size of shop and profit levels is also available to shop owners and managers.  This information is only available on Vaughens.com and can be found under the Manager's Tools tab.

New Performance Measurements for Motor Repair Shops on Vaughens.com Only

Added in 2016 - Performance Measurements for Motor Repair Shops can be found under the Manager's Tools tab on Vaughens.com.  See how other shops monitor business performance in their shop to achieve their goals.

Now You Can Save Your Quotes and Customers on Vaughens.com

Now you can save your quotes and customers on our secure server, or on your PC as PDF files.  Easily edit a quote days or even weeks after it was prepared.

New Shop Labor Hour Report for Motors and Pumps

With the click of a button you can print out a report that you can give to each employee so they can see exactly how many hours the tasks they are assigned should take to complete.  Improving shop efficiency has never been so easy.

MG Set and DC Permanent Magnet Motor Pricing Added

Vaughen's MG Set and DC Permanent Magnet Motor Pricing can now be found under the Quick Motor Prices tab.  With the simple click of a button you can display this pricing on your screen.

New Manager's Tools With Wage & Benefit Guides and so Much More

We know shop managers have many demands on their time.  To help we have added a new Manager's Tool tab to Vaughens.com.  Now Vaughen's Productivity Guide, Wage and Benefit Guides, and Better Costing Guide are all located in one place for easy reference.  Just the information you need to run your shop efficiently and profitably every day.

New Canadian National Average Prices!

Vaughen's has just released new 2019 Canadian National Average Prices on VAUGHENS.COM for our friends in Canada.  Our Canadian prices are based on our recent pricing surveys of Canadian subscribers.  To view these Canadian National Averages simply log on to our web site VAUGHENS.COM.  If you prefer to use the printed version of the Price Guide you can easily convert the prices to Canadian prices.

New Metric Pricing Tab for our International Subscribers

When creating a quote you can now look up pricing by KW, 50 Hz Voltage and RPM, and Motor Types: IP22/ODP and IP54/TEFC.  Plus, we have updated the Quote, Shop Quote and Shop Labor Hour Report to list metric motor specifications.  Creating a metric quote using Vaughens.com will now be easy for everyone in your shop.

New 2019 Metric Motor Price List for our International Subscribers

Our Metric Motor Condensed Price List displays the rewind price by KW and RPM for typical 50 Hertz metric motors from .75 to 370 KW and has been updated with 2019 National Average Prices.  Plus, the price list can now be printed at any percentage of the USA National Averages so you can easily adjust the pricing for your country.  Pricing for our international subscribers just got a lot easier.

More Ways to Access Vaughen's National Average Pricing

VAUGHENS.COM - Internet Only Subscription*

We have added the option to subscribe to our Internet pricing information only on VAUGHENS.COM without purchasing the print version of the Price Guide.  Great for shops who prefer to use the Internet for pricing rather than the paper-and-pencil method.  Save 7% off of the print version price.

Vaughen's WinPDQ Pricing System Software*

Our WinPDQ Pricing software has been updated with all of our new 2019 prices.  Pricing for large motor repairs includes motors up to 10,000 HP AC and 3500 HP DC.  Plus, you can now export your quote and invoice information directly to a Microsoft® Access database so you can use the information anyway you wish.  Emailing quotes and invoices just got a lot easier.  Now with the click of a button you can email your customers this information instantly.

Vaughen's Pricing for ACSMaster Systems*

Attention all ACSMaster software users:  Vaughen's pricing database is now available for ACSMaster computer systems with our new 2019 prices!  Pricing for large motor repairs has been expanded to 10,000 HP AC and 3500 HP DC.  Be sure you are using Vaughen's current information to keep your profit in your price.

*See Products for more information.

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