Vaughen's Digital Price Guide

The Digital Price Guide is an online version of the traditional Vaughen's Price Guide Book that has been a customer favorite for over 90 years.

A subscription to our Digital Price Guide includes:

  • All the pages that are in the printed Book.  If you have been using our printed book there is no learning curve.  The Digital Price Guide looks just like your printed book and contains all the information from the printed book.
  • Access to your Vaughen's Price Guide where ever you are.  Now you can quickly look up Vaughen's National Average Prices in the shop, on the road, or at the office.  You never have to delay providing a quote because your Digital Price Guide will always be at your fingertips.
  • See all the pricing for a HP on one screen.  When the customer doesn't have all the motor info available when requesting a quote you can see the pricing for different motor enclosures to give a good ball park price.
  • Page through the Digital Price Guide quickly on your screen.  Use our page control buttons to make finding the pricing you need quick and easy.

  • Search by HP or word to find the pricing you need.  Finding information is quick and easy using the search option.  Plus, the Tools button allows you to quickly get to the first or last page of the Digital Price Guide

  • Easily control what you see on your screen.  You have the option to display bookmarks, thumbnails, or hide them from view.  You can also zoom in on the page or display full screen making it easy to read.

  • Anyone from your location can use the Digital Price Guide.  One person can be logged on at a time so everyone in your shop can have access.

  • Small additional fee to have the Digital Price Guide along with your Book or subscription.  Fees start at just $250 to add a Digital Price Guide subscription to your current subscriptions.

Also included with your subscription:

  • FREE with your subscription you receive a Pocket Pricing Pal, a mini guide containing the most commonly quoted prices from our book.  Take it with you wherever you go and save time every day!
  • Also FREE Vaughen's Telephone Hotline Assistance Service, so you can call us toll-free for help with any of your tough pricing problems.

Please see our Order page for fees.