Vaughen's Price Guide

What are some of the benefits to using Vaughen's Price Guide?

A subscription to our Guide includes:

  • Up-to-date repair and new motor prices on thousands of AC, DC, and Single Phase motors from 1/2 to 5000 HP.  Use this information to prepare or evaluate quotes quickly and profitably, and make "repair versus replace" decisions at a glance.
  • Adders and multipliers to help ease your worries in pricing motors that you don't usually repair.  Plus a handy "Labor and Material Pricing Worksheet" to work up quotes on those special motors that are so tough to quote.
  • Prices for "extras" like metallizing, installing bearings, etc. - you'll use these every day.
  • New information on motor storage fees and services.  Compare the services other shops offer when storing motors and the fees they charge.
  • New pricing for machining and welding services.  Plus, labor hours for balancing equipment other than motors and on-site laser alignment.  Just the help you need pricing repairs you don't perform on a regular basis.
  • New Condensed Price Lists with National Average Prices to repair Submersible, Close Coupled, ANSI Chem. Process, Horizontal Split Case, and Vertical Turbine pumps.  Plus, new Pump Repair Pricing Checklists have been added so you can be sure to include all of the necessary prices in your pump quotes.  Now pricing pump repairs is as quick and easy as motor repairs.
  • Updated DC Permanent Magnet motor prices help you price these motors quickly.  No more time wasted wondering what to charge.  
  • Updated MG Set repair prices and elevator motor pricing guidelines will help you quote these repairs with confidence.  Pricing is based on Vaughen's standard prices and our easy-to-use pricing guidelines.
  • Labor hour standards for AC Random-Wound and Form-Wound motor repair.  Shows you the national average time it takes to rewind or recondition motors - helps increase shop efficiency.
  • Regional hourly wage and billing rate information.  See what shops in your region are paying their mechanics...and what they are charging for their work!
  • Updated and expanded Pump Repair Guide makes pricing pump repairs quick, easy, and profitable!
  • Estimated labor hours required for repairing submersible, close coupled, ANSI chemical process, horizontal split case, and vertical turbine pumps.
  • Average prices and costs of common machined parts for centrifugal pumps - helps with "make or buy" decisions.
  • Labor and Material Guide to help you make sure you are quoting the best price on every job.
  • Material Costs, Producer Price Indexes, and Labor and Material Price List updated quarterly - helps you keep on top of the ever changing costs facing motor repair shops.
Also included with your subscription:

  • Toll-Free Telephone Hotline Assistance to help you with any of your tough pricing problems.
  • Our handy Pocket Pricing Pal, a mini guide containing the most commonly quoted prices from our book.  Take it with you wherever you go and save time every day!
  • Plus, as a Price Guide subscriber you can access our web site VAUGHENS.COM for a small additional fee.

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