Vaughen's 10,000 HP Pricing for ACSMaster Systems

What are some of the benefits to using Vaughen's Pricing in ACSMaster Systems?

With Vaughen's ACS Database, you can:

  • Avoid learning a new software package; simply look up Vaughen's prices in the ACS software you are accustomed to using.
  • Easily price large motor repairs with additional pricing for large motors up to 10,000 HP AC and 3500 HP DC.
  • Easily customize your shop's prices to display as a percentage of the Vaughen's National Average.
  • Customize prices for different types of motors.
  • Customize prices for individual customers.
Also included with your subscription:

  • Toll-Free Telephone Hotline Assistance - Call us toll-free for help with any of your tough pricing problems.
  • Our handy Pocket Pricing Pal - A mini guide containing the most commonly quoted prices from our book.  Take it with you wherever you go and save time every day!
  • PLUS - As an ACS database subscriber you can access our web site VAUGHENS.COM for a small additional fee.

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