Vaughen's WinPDQ
Pricing System
To order, print and fax this page to Vaughen's at 1-412-367-4884 or call us at 1-800-828-4436.

q Yes, I want to order Vaughen's WinPDQ Software to make pricing jobs quick, easy and profitable.

Send me Vaughen's WinPDQ Pricing Software RISK-FREE for 30 days, so I can price jobs quickly and easily using WinPDQ's quoting and invoicing system.  If not 100% satisfied, I may return it and owe nothing.

l Our WinPDQ Pricing software makes pricing of jobs quick, easy, and profitable.  With WinPDQ you can compare your shop's prices with Vaughen's national averages, see actual labor and material costs, and compare new versus repair prices.  Plus, you receive our Pocket Pricing Pal mini guide, with repair and new prices for the most popular AC and DC motors!  Also included - Vaughen's Telephone Hotline Assistance Service.

l Bonus - As a WinPDQ subscriber you can access our web site VAUGHENS.COM for a small additional fee.  VAUGHENS.COM provides access to all of our pricing online, anywhere, anytime!  With VAUGHENS.COM you have access to city and state averages, Customized Condensed Price Lists, Vaughen's Labor & Material Calculator, Pump Repair Pricing, Vaughen's Manager's Tools with Wage & Benefit Guides and so much more.  See the VAUGHENS.COM order page for details.

     I am a New Subscriber
    q Single User Version - Bill Annually $614/yr
    q Multi-User Version - Bill Annually $798/yr
    I am a current Subscriber, so I'll save 33%.
    q Single User Version - Bill Annually $410/yr
    q Multi-User Version - Bill Annually $532/yr

A $20 shipping and handling fee for USA deliveries is applied to the first year.  All fees must be paid in U.S. dollars.

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Or, for faster service,
     Call toll free 1-800-828-4436 or
     Fax your order to 1-412-367-4884

IMPORTANT: You must accept the terms and conditions included with your order before you use our product. If you do not accept our terms and conditions you should call us to cancel your subscription and promptly return the product.

When you lease one of our products you agree to become a subscriber to our pricing update service for a period of one year. At the beginning of each calendar year, we will provide updated pricing information, and bill you on your anniversary date, unless you call to cancel your subscription. You agree that you will not lend our product or passwords, nor permit copies to be made of any part thereof.

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